The Shiatsu Society
The Shiatsu Society is non-profit umbrella organization for all types and styles of Shiatsu.The Society maintains a Register of Professional Practitioners (MRSS). It was set up in 1981 to facilitate communication within the field of Shiatsu and to inform the public of the benefits of this form of natural healing.

Lucy Trend
Lucy Trend is a registered Shiatsu and Thai Massage practitioner working in the West End of Glasgow, Scotland.

The Shiatsu School Edinburgh
The Shiatsu School, Edinburgh, was founded by three teachers and practitioners who have seen people grow and develop as they learn Shiatsu, and recognize how this has greatly enriched their lives. Having graduated from the Glasgow School of Shiatsu, all three teachers have had experience of other forms, therapies and disciplines which has influenced their Shiatsu practice.
Rian Visser Haarlem, Netherlands
I started studying shiatsu in 1988. First I studied with A. van Wietingen, teacher of the IOKAI Shiatsu Academy Nederland. From 1991 I studied with Sasaki sensei, founder and teacher of the IOKAI Shiatsu Academy Europe
Focus Training
We provide Specialised First Aid courses tailored to FOCUS on meeting your needs. Focus Training delivers Specialised First Aid Training for:
  • Therapists And Healthcare Professionals
  • Watersports Coaches And Instructors

Equine Shiatsu The establishment of the Equine Shiatsu Association (tESA) is an exciting development in the world of Equine Shiatsu, of which we invite you to be part. The development of Shiatsu techniques to treat animals, and particularly horses, was inevitable given the openness of the majority of animal carers to anything which will enhance their animal’s health and well-being.

Woodland Herbs In our online store we offer a wide range of competitively priced, high quality natural herbs, herbal tinctures, herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals and bodycare products. We pride ourself on offering excellent advice on herbal and complementary medicine in a relaxed and friendly environment.

John Williamson My name is John Williamson and I am a Shiatsu therapist practising in and around Glasgow and Cumbernauld, Scotland. I hold Shiatsu massage and private Do-In exercise sessions at two clinics, Woodland Herbs in the west end and Life Medicine in the south side of Glasgow. For a few who cannot make it to either clinic I provide home visits. I am a Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society UK (MRSS).

Vicky Smyth Practitioner and teacher since 1991, I am delighted to work full-time in Glasgow’s west end. Shiatsu is awesome, endlessly interesting and useful! I am also a Reiki master and practising Hypnotherapist. You can read reviews on my facebook page Vicky Smyth Therapies..

Shin Tai(core body) is a dynamic form of bodywork that fuses traditional Shiatsu treatment, using thumb and elbow pressure on meridians, with more subtle and gentle touch. This includes techniques to release the soft tissue (facsia), joint and muscles, and chakra work.

Seasonal Hatha Yoga This is traditional yoga tailored to suit the time of year according to Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 elements and encompasses energy work as in Qi Gong and Doa In (self shiatsu)