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Vicky Smyth, MRSS (T)  
Gill Keith
vickey Smyth

I found shiatsu on a remote Scottish peninsula where I attended a magical introductory course with Elaine Liechti. Shiatsu is as awesome to me today as it was then. Under Elaine’s inspiring guidance I continued and graduated from The Glasgow School of Shiatsu in 1992. I have been lucky to work with many other gifted teachers, most notably Clifford Andrews and Pauline Sasaki. The Shiatsu College has also been a big influence and I completed their Post Graduate (1994) and Teacher Training (1995) courses. Grounded in over 30 years of yoga practice I have also trained in Reiki and studied Chinese Food Therapy and Qi Gong. Most recently I completed a diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy (2014) which I use to further complement my busy shiatsu practice in Glasgow. My shiatsu teaching began in 1994 – running my own courses, and also for the European School of Shiatsu and, of course, the Glasgow School of Shiatsu. With a degree in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art (1986) I have drawn Zen meridian diagrams in collaboration with Elaine. As my children are teenagers and start to spread their wings so the resultant workbook is preparing to be released. Watch this site for publication date!