Shiatsu in the Community

At Glasgow School of Shiatsu we are committed to bringing Shiatsu into the community.

In 2018-19 we restructured our 3rd year assessments and instituted a “Community Project” in which students had to create an event or in some way commit to spreading Shiatsu out into the wider public. What resulted far exceeded our expectations. Read here to see the report in the Shiatsu Journal issue 151 (official quarterly publication by the Shiatsu Society UK).

During Lockdown 

During the Covid lockdown, staff and students ran online support sessions based on Shiatsu for community workers – these focused on various common health and wellbeing issues. Later, once hands-on treatments were again permitted, we provided treatments for these front-line workers who were feeling to stress of supporting others through the pandemic.


More recently final year students have provided taster sessions at International Women’s Day and community events, given talks in public libraries and led Shiatsu based gentle exercise sessions for over-50’s.

We have had community links with the following organisations:

Community Shiatsu at the Hidden Gardens GlasgowThe Hidden Gardens
Venue for an Open Afternoon in February giving Shiatsu taster sessions as part of the Shiatsu Society’s Shiatsu Awareness Month.

Govanhill Community Baths Trust
For International Women’s Day treatments March 2020.

The Barn
Aa year long initiative where Shiatsu was offered free to people with multiple health issues in the Gorbals area of Glasgow.

Glasgow Women’s centre
Ongoing Shiatsu session for women with post trauma.

Bridging the Gap
Bridging the Gap was the venue for Shiatsu sessions over the past two years on International Womens’ Day and in 2020 during the Big Shiatsu Share (part of the Shiatsu Society’s Shiatsu Awareness Month in February).

If your community organisation would like to to be involved then please get in touch.


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