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The Glasgow School of Shiatsu offers structured, student centred training in Shiatsu and Acupressure.

Our practice style is Zen Shiatsu; we also use the Chinese Theory of Five Elements as a theory base for our 1st year course.

At the Glasgow School of Shiatsu our attitude is that learning should be:

  • Open to everyone
  • inspiring
  • experiential
  • grounded in practical Shiatsu technique
  • relevant to your own health and wellbeing

Each level of training builds upon the previous one, so that your progress from beginner to practitioner is smooth and well-paced. At each stage we integrate practical technique, theoretical understanding, personal growth and professional development. Every weekend includes relevant exercises to enhance your health and wellbeing: Do-In, meridian stretches, Qi gong, breathing exercises, meditations.

Our teachers are highly experienced and qualified (see Teacher profiles) and have worked in conventional education as well as in Shiatsu training. We are passionate about presenting Shiatsu in modern, student friendly formats which appeal to all learning preferences. Assessments are flexible and adaptable to cater for those who find “tests” challenging.

The Glasgow School of Shiatsu Diploma course features:

  • part time study: monthly classes at weekends
  • 1st year in two parts so you can experience the short Foundation level before committing to further study.
  • Supportive monthly practice class
  • 2nd year residential to consolidate your learning before going into the final professional year
  • 12 hours of tutorials in 3rd year to ensure your individual progress to graduation
  • Extensive clinical practice which fulfils the National Occupational Standards for Shiatsu training

Shiatsu Society LogoThe GSS Diploma in Shiatsu is fully ratified by the Shiatsu Society: graduates gain automatic professional membership of the Shiatsu Society (MrSS). The Diploma is accredited by Laser Learning and is set on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) England at Level 4 (equivalent Level 7 on Scottish Qualifications Framework).

As we are committed to sharing Shiatsu with as wide a range of people as possible, we endeavour to keep fees as low as possible.

Fees can be paid on a monthly basis. (see fees)


Elaine Liechti Glasgow School of shiatsu Director and Shiatsu teacher
Students and teacher at Glasgow School of Shiatsu
Hands holding a crystal lotus
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