Practitioner giving a Shiatsu treatment in Glasgow

Shiatsu is a hands on therapeutic type of bodywork provided by highly trained practitioners.

Professional Shiatsu treatment in Glasgow

Established in 1986

Glasgow School of Shiatsu offers a wide range of courses whatever your level of interest


Full Three Year Shiatsu Diploma Course

Our three year Shiatsu Diploma course is fully ratified by the Shiatsu Society, which means that on successful completion you gain automatic professional membership of the Society (MrSS).

One Year Certificated Course for Health & Wellbeing

This course constitutes the first year of our three year Shiatsu Diploma programme. The certificate gives you a professional level qualification to give a relaxation treatment including powerful acupressure points.

On-Site Seated Shiatsu Certificated Courses

This certificate enables you to give a competent professional seated shiatsu treatment. This can be used On-Site in the workplace, health and wellbeing events and with family and friends. Also available in fast track format for senior Shiatsu students.

Elaine Liechti receiving a bouquet of flowers from shiatsu students.

Why Train with us?

Established 1986

The longest running Shiatsu School in Scotland.

Our Teachers

Are all registered with the Shiatsu Society.

Self Development

Work on your own personal growth as you learn.

Our Teachers


The Shiatsu School in Glasgow have worked with many excellent teachers over the years.

Our current teachers are:

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Glasgow School of Shiatsu

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