Clinic Days


Due to coronavirus restrictions we are not giving Shiatsu treatments currently. Instead the senior students are offering one to one Virtual Shiatsu Support sessions in which they show receivers relevant Shiatsu techniques, points and exercises which the receivers can work on themselves. This is done by video call, Skype or similar means. We will be contacting all those currently booked on the April and May clinics to offer this.  

Shiatsu Clinic

The Shiatsu clinic days offer low cost treatments by senior students under supervision. A limited number of sessions are available through the academic year and must be booked in advance. We offer both morning and afternoon sessions.

What's involved?

One of our senior students (either 2nd or 3rd year) will take a short case history of any health issues you may have. They will then give approximately one hour of treatment with possible health recommendations afterwards. As this is part of their training, a Teacher will be in attendance and may interact with the student during their session with you, either to correct, to assist or to demonstrate a technique. Please bear in mind that the students are not fully qualified and may be nervous or require assistance during their session.

Shiatsu Glasgow treatment

Shiatsu Clinic Dates 2020


Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

To book text Elaine on 07968800424 or click the button to email.

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