The Glasgow School of Shiatsu Foundation Course is designed to give you a thorough introduction to Shiatsu theory and practice.

This three month Shiatsu Foundation Course will enable you to choose whether you wish to take your studies further. It is non-certificated and is suitable for people wanting to learn some powerful yet simple self-help techniques for family and friends. It is a pre-requisite for the Shiatsu and the Five Elements course and together these constitute the 1st year of the GSS Diploma

Course content:

  • Essential Shiatsu techniques and Acupoints
  • Oriental Diagnosis (face and posture reading)
  • Connection with energy (Ki)
  • Learn to give an overall relaxing Shiatsu session
  • Yin-Yang Theory in relation to your everyday life
  • Do-In and stretching exercises to heighten awareness of your own energetic balance.

This course can be used as an expansion of your existing bodywork skills or start of a whole new direction. No previous experience in Shiatsu or other therapy is necessary.

We encourage you to become a Student member of the Shiatsu Society as soon as you register for the Foundation course. Membership brings you into the wider Shiatsu community and provides support for you during your time studying Shiatsu. Please see Shiatsu Society page.

Shiatsu Foundation Course photo
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