2nd Year

Zen Shiatsu

Our focus in 2nd year is the Zen Shiatsu system, with its versatile extended meridian system, dynamic understanding of Ki (energy) through Master Masunaga’s explanation of kyo and jitsu, and detailed touch diagnosis methods. At this level we begin to deepen your connection with Ki and we introduce professional work in clinic.

Course content

  • Zen Shiatsu theory
  • Extended meridian system
  • More energetic tools to enhance your Shiatsu practice
  • Advanced Shiatsu technique
  • One to one and small group tutorials
  • A residential: Five Elements Revisited
  • Clinical practice

In this second year of the Shiatsu Diploma you continue to work on professional development via the physiology course (see note under 1st year) and with our specialist Communications & Listening Skills teacher. We explore the history of Zen Shiatsu and the place that Shiatsu occupies in relation to other complementary and healing modalities. More advanced work enables you to work confidently and safely with a wider range of receivers and conditions.

Places are limited to ensure personal supervision. This level is open to students who have completed year 1 studies in Shiatsu elsewhere or who have equivalent skills (qualified Equine Shiatsu therapist, Acupuncturist, etc) by Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL).

From 2nd year onwards your membership of the Shiatsu Society is upgraded to Student Advanced. Within your membership fee insurance to practise Shiatsu as a student is included and this is essential as you begin to widen your range of clients.




Room with Shiatsu practitioners giving treatments.
Books on nutritions and yoga chart
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