Shiatsu Society

The Society is the largest Shiatsu professional association in the UK. It works to promote Shiatsu in all communities and is internationally respected and recognised for providing the way to professionalism of the highest standard.

The Shiatsu Society was established in 1981 and is committed to:Shiatsu Society Logo

  • Expanding awareness of Shiatsu
  • Establishing and maintaining the highest professional standards of practice for Shiatsu in the UK
  • Overseeing and accrediting Shiatsu education to ensure excellence in training

It holds a Register of Practitioners. All Registered Practitioners have completed an approved level of training, follow their Code of Conduct and Ethics and are fully insured. Upon fulfilling their requirements for recognition members become Professional Members of the Society (MrSS). SrSS (Senior Member) and FwSS (Fellow) are further categories of Professional Membership. CPD is mandatory for all Professional Members.

They provide members with a wide range of services to support and facilitate their practice. They also act for the Shiatsu profession as a whole. They are committed to the spirit and ethos of Shiatsu and the development of integrated and accessible health care. The nature and purpose of the Society has always been to promote and facilitate communication between our members and to educate the public about Shiatsu. Their aim is to link all those with an interest in Shiatsu, regardless of philosophy, level of knowledge, approach or style of practice.

All Glasgow School of Shiatsu students are encouraged to join the Society to benefit from being part of a wide network of like-minded people and to enjoy member discounts and insurance for Advanced students.

See the Society's website:

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