Our Teachers

At the Glasgow School of Shiatsu, we pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching team. Our Shiatsu teachers are all recognised as ‘Teachers’ by the Shiatsu Society (designatory letter T after professional Shiatsu status). Over the years we have had some of the most experienced and vibrant teachers in our team, including Vicky Smyth, Liz Arundel and Mike Webster. Find out about our current teachers below. Click on their photo or name to learn more about them including their qualifications and other skills.

Elaine Liechti director of Glasgow School of Shiatsu

I found Shiatsu through my experience of ill health when in my early twenties. The techniques and principles of Shiatsu and East Asian medicine helped me to alleviate and understand the debilitating migraines I had started to experience. I began studying Shiatsu and macrobiotics at the East West Centre in London in 1980. 

Close up portrait of Laura Naismith Shiatsu teacher

I had always assumed my life would involve traditional sciences, however, after embarking on a Diploma in Holistic Therapy out of interest, rather than career choice, and having been introduced to the beginnings of Shiatsu, I decided I simply could not live without this wonderful way of being in my life.

Natalie Shiatsu practitioner portrait

I love supporting others on their journey of better connection between mind, body and spirit. I believe we feel happier, safer and more comfortable in our bodies when we are empowered with practices and knowledge which help us achieve this.

Robin Wagg FwSS

Robin Wagg has been a member of the Shiatsu Society since January 1991, specialising in the “Seitai Experience” within the context of “Therapeutic Shiatsu”. He joins the GSS teaching team in 2024 as a Guest Teacher to introduce our 3rd year students and graduates to “The Seitai Experience”.

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