Shiatsu Course Dates

Shiatsu Course Dates Sept 2023 – July 2024

Course dates for training within 1st, 2nd and 3rd years for the academic year 2023-24

The Glasgow School of Shiatsu offers full professional training to Diploma level, as well as Grassroots classes in Shiatsu technique and self-help methods based on East Asian medical theory. Effective Shiatsu depends on sensitivity, good quality of touch and correct application of practical techniques; it is essential that these are learnt hands-on and in person. Occasionally we teach aspects of theory or professional development in an online interactive format, since we discovered during the pandemic that some topics lend themselves to distance learning. This has proved popular with those of our students who live away from the Glasgow area.

The classes are held at the Tibetan Buddhist Centre, KSD House, near Charing Cross in Glasgow. We have always taught from the centre of Glasgow, with its excellent travel links, and have welcomed students from the Borders and England to the Highlands and Islands.

CPD Dates

In 2024 Robin Wagg FwSS will be our guest Teacher offering two weekends focused on Seitai. These are open to Shiatsu practitioners and graduates as well as being within the 3rd year syllabus.

Dates are
24th - 25th February and 27th - 28th April. See below.

Contact Elaine to express your interest and for details of course content and cost.

Shiatsu Course dates
Introduction Days1st Yr2nd Yr3rd YrCPD
JANUARY 202427-2827-2820-21
APRIL14, 20-2120-2127-2827-28
MAY18-192-6 residential18-19
JUNE22, 15-1615-1622-23
JULY7, 20-2113-1427-28


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