Why train with us?

So why should you train with the Glasgow School of Shiatsu?

It's a valid question to ask so to answer this query, train with the Glasgow School of Shiatsu as we are committed to providing you with well-grounded, comprehensive, educationally sound training; whether you want to become a professional practitioner, or wish to learn self help techniques to enhance your health and well-being and that of family and friends.

We are the longest established Shiatsu school in Scotland. Our Shiatsu Teachers are all registered Teachers with the Shiatsu Society and specialist teachers are experts in their fields. The online anatomy & physiology course offered is at the leading edge of APP training for energy therapists.

We constantly strive to create a positive student experience and we have a track record of producing confident and competent practitioners. See testimonials page for students experiences with our training from the quality of our training to the safe, nurturing and supportive environment created to help with the overall experience.

Our past students page shows the variety of ways that Shiatsu has helped students in their career choices too.

So if you are looking for professional Shiatsu training, whether to become a professional Shiatsu practitioner or to help people with their health and wellbeing then come and train with us! Contact the Glasgow School of Shiatsu today for further information.

Train with the Glasgow School of Shiatsu and meet Fred the skeleton!
Shiatsu teacher providing training to class.
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