Natalie Ventilla

  • 3rd April 2020

I began the Glasgow School of Shiatsu course without fully understanding what Shiatsu was- as something to do for fun whilst raising children. I planned on doing the Introductory Course only, but I was hooked from the first class and have never looked back. Shiatsu is interwoven into the fabric of my life and I can’t remember life without it!

Since completing the course in 2019, aside from practicing Shiatsu, I have made it my mission to share Shiatsu with others, running community workshops and a fun project for children and their adults called Zen Kids! It is my belief that we should all have access to such practices from as young an age as possible.

I am enjoying still being part of the school, as a Teaching Assistant, assisting Laura and Elaine with The Coral group’s Shiatsu journey which is an absolute joy and honour!